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Naruto 568 (prediction & Spoiler)
Naruto 568: Secret of the Uchiha

Chapter begins with the Kages.

They all look beat, Tsuchikage and Tsunade a little less. Madara is in Susano’o mode and remains unharmed.

Tsunade: Damn’t! All our techniques and we can’t get a scratch on him.

Kazekage: He has to have some kind of weakness. Tsuchikage, don’t you remember anything.

Tsuchikage: Well, there is one thing, (his thought is an image of the Kyuubi) but its useless in this situation.

Mizukage: Then our best strategy is to have a few of us fight and attack Madara in a moment of weakness.

Raikage: That kind of trickery and ambush is just like Mist, well then you can be one of those who stays back.

Kazekage: No, for this strategy to work the shinobi with the fastest and deadliest attacks need to stay back, Raikage, that’s you and Onoki. I’ll keep Madara contained in one area, Tsunade, you and Mei are on attack.

Tsuchikage: Isn’t that a little risky, putting our healer on the front lines?

Tsunade: Maybe if we were a group of Genin, we’re Kage. I think I can manage to fight and stay alive.

Madara: (in thought) These Kage are tougher than I thought. They even got time to strategize, well time’s up! (talking) Summoning Jutsu!

Mei: Since Katsuyu is already out, I’ll handle this! Summoning Jutsu!

Scene change to Naruto

Naruto is struggling to keep the Yonbi’s mouth open.

Naruto: Dam it! If only I was a little stronger I could hold him open with one hand and make a jutsu with the other.

Tobi (appears in front of Naruto): No hands huh? How inconvenient.

(He starts to put his hand on Naruto but one of the Hachbi’s tails nearly grabs him.

Naruto (thinking) : I wish that stupid fox would help! Oh, sorry Kyuubi, when did I fall back to that attitude?

Kyuubi: Now that you’ve said that I’m really not going to help, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone who can.
Naruto: Huh? Who where are they?

Kyuubi: They’re not here, you have to summon them.

Naruto: Wait… you want me to summon a toad? You think I haven’t thought of..

Kyuubi: Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t but no not the toads.

Naruto: But I can only summon toads!

Kyuubi: Haven’t you learned anything about the Summoning Jutsu? How did you get to Mount Myoboku?

Naruto: I was summoned!

Kyuubi: Now what happened to us recently?

Naruto: That’s right! Madara tried to summon us! Wait don’t be an idiot, I can’t…

Kyuubi: Madara was not the Uchiha I was thinking of.

Scene change to Madara and the Kages.

Mei is on a giant Walrus. The Walrus grapples with a giant Lion Madara has summoned.

Mei: Come on Boo!

Scene changes to Itachi.

Itachi is close to Kabuto.

Itachi: (in thought) A little closer and I’ll be in range, I’m fortunate he’s busy with a battle right now.

Scene changes to Naruto.

Naruto is panting.

Naruto: I’m still not sure what you’re getting at but I still can’t do any jutsu.

Kyuubi: Idiot, can’t you create more hands when using my chakra.

Naruto: You’re right but its a gamble I don’t think my chakra hands can hold this guy back for long. I’ll only have one chance. And how do I make sure I summon Madara and not a toad?

Kyuubi: Idiot, just do a reverse summoning. Don’t use blood. Your blood is contracted to the toads, bu my will and chakra are contracted to the Uchiha. Use them and put your will and chakra in to it to.

Naruto: Alright!

Naruto uses chakra arms to hold the Yonbi’s mouth open.

Naruto: Reverse Summoning!

Kakashi: What! This is not the time to do a summoning!

As he’s doing the summoning, the Yonbi’s mouth closes on Naruto.

Scene to the Kages and Madara.

Madara: (makes a hand sign) With this its over! Mokuton-

Suddenly Madara grabs his head and bows over in pain.

Madara: What is this chakra, how can it be so strong?

Raikage and Tsuchikage: ! This is it!

They rush Madara.

Scene to Itachi.

Itachi is about to ambush Kabuto, but he also grabs his head and bows over in pain.

Itachi: Arrgh! (Kabuto notices him) The Kyuubi? Naruto what’s happened?

Scene change to Naruto.

There’s an explosion of lightning.

The Yonbi’s head lies severed from its body, Naruto has been spit out.

Tobi: What the hell? (he see’s Kakashi who’s in shock)

Kakashi: How did this happen?

Tobi: Its you.

Bee: I don’t know if our luck has gone good or bad but somehow I’m glad.

Naruto is recovering in the dust.

Naruto: What is everyone staring at? Who saved me?

Naruto looks up and we see the familiar sandals and katana.

Naruto/Kakashi/Tobi: Sasuke!

What does this mean for the tide of battle. Next: The Unmasking
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Another Specialist Prediction

-Breaking the Limit

(As the Hachbi is smashed into the ground by the Yonbi, Naruto, fending off the teeth crunch of the Yonbi, uses his hands and feet to push and spin out of the mouth, crushing four front teeth. Naruto lands on top of the Hachibi’s body.)

Naruto: “I’m feeling fine, actually. Like, like I can do this… Thanks, fox.”

Killer Bee: “Go, Naruto; I got yo’ back.” (Naruto leaps into the air, outreaching both palms. A chakra arm emerges on each arm of Naruto. Naruto creates two enormous sized Rasengans.)

Naruto: “Gargantuan: Rasen Rengan.” (As Naruto is inching his way towards the Yonbi’s midsection, the Yonbi attempts to pound on Naruto with his fists from above, however, the Hachbi’s tentacles wraps around them, binding the Yonbi in place. Seconds later, Naruto jutsu rips away at the Yonbi’s body like a force of nature.)

Yonbi: “Rrrrahhhhhh!” (Naruto lands to the ground and backs away as the Yonbi is faltering over. Naruto then makes his signature hand sign.)

Naruto: “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” (A dozen clones appear. Meanwhile, the Rokubi is slowly chasing after Kakashi and Gai, it soon expels tremendous amounts of hazardous gas towards Kakashi and Gai. Kakashi makes some hand signs and then touches the ground.)

Kakashi: “Doton: Wall.” (A tall, curved, stone wall decorated with dog heads appear. Kakashi and Gai take deep breathes of free air in the pocket.)

Gai: “Good one! Oh, boy, that was cutting it.”

Kakashi: “This wall won’t hold for long. We need to be able to mount some kind of offense.” (All of a sudden, Nibi, in its full Bijuu form has flanked Kakashi and Gai. It lets out a shrieking meow.)

Gai: “This kitty, kitty can’t handle the king of the jungle!”

Kakashi: “Gai, NOOO!” (Gai’s body emits chakra waves.)

Gai: “Wonder Gate!

(The Nibi is forming a chakra ball, but before it can unleash it, Gai leaps in front of it and makes a peculiar hand formation.)

AFTERNOON TIGER!” (The formation of this formidable tiger smashes through the Nibi’s chakra ball as well as the Nibi itself, flooring it. Gai immediately exists his enhanced form as he lands to the ground. Kakashi rushes over to him.)

Kakashi: “Damn it, Gai!” (Blood drips from Gai’s nose, mouth, and ears. Lacerations also start to appear all over Gai’s face and hands.)

Gai: “Just don’t ask me to do it again, ‘k pal?”

Kakashi: “Fool, I told you not to in the first place. We got to hurry up and locate that receiver while it’s down!” (Immediately, the wall in back starts to crack. On the other side, the Rokubi is ramming itself into it. Seconds later, it shatters. Gai and Kakashi turn to face it, however, not a second to late, the Rokubi is hit by Rasen Shuriken, stunning it for the meantime. Three shadow clones appear by Gai and Kakashi’s side.)

Gai: “Looks like someone’s feeling better; wish I could say the same.”

Kakashi: “Good to have you back. Naruto, send one of them over to receive the chakra receiver from the downed one Gai stunned. Together, we’ll find a way to subdue that big slug!”

(One of the shadow clones nods and rushes off. The scene switches over to the Sanbi, which is surrounded by three shadow clones. The scene switches over to the Shichibi, which has a shadow clone on its back as it is crashing down from mid-air and into the ground. It hits the ground, while three more shadow clones surrounds it. In another scene, Naruto, accompanied by two shadow clones approaches Tobi and the downed Gobi, who’s being restrained.)

Tobi: “Splitting them up, fine strategy. So, you finally come to face me, what makes you think anything has changed from before? I almost had your hide inches from admitting defeat”

Naruto: “It’s different this time, because I’ve got the Kyuubi on my back!”

Tobi: “Is that so!?” (Tobi gets into a striking stance, while Naruto claps his hands together. A flashback to when Naruto asks the Kyuubi to lend him chakra during his match with Neji is shown, then another one of him being revived so he could go against Sasuke at the vote, again when he’s facing Orochimaru in 4 tailed state, and finally, while he’s breaking out of Chibaku-Tensei. The flashbacks cut to the present scene.)

Naruto: “Let’s show him our power; NO MORE HOLDING BACK ON ME YOU DAMN FOX!”

Next Time: The conclusion to this encounter draws near

source: http://animangazone.com
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